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Creating a Loadshape

The Loadshape feature in EnergyCAP provides a means of evaluating energy interval data (channel data) over time. This provides a more comprehensive energy management picture that can lead to additional energy savings through reductions in peak demand and improved building setback processes. Loadshapes rely on available channel data.

  1. Select Analysis | Loadshapes. The Loadshape Manager appears.

  2. From the Loadshape menu, select New. The Create Loadshape window appears.

  3. In the Code field, enter the unique, self-defined identifier.

  4. In the Display field, enter the name to appear throughout the system.

  5. Select the loadshape type from the drop-down list provided.

  6. Click Generate to select data sources and calculation options. The Loadshape Data window appears.

  7. If creating a loadshape from more than one data source, select a calculation option in the Options list.

    • Average Use the average value of all data sources

    • Maximum Use the maximum value of the data sources

    • Minimum Use the minimum value of the data sources

    • Sum Use the sum value of all data sources

  8. Click Select Data. The Select Data window appears. Select desired data.

  9. Click OK in the Loadshape Data window. The Create Loadshape window returns.

  10. After making your selections, click OK.

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