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The Account Manager displays a number of shortcut icons and buttons to access account-related functions. These are located on the Toolbar under the menu, and on the Account Manager Title Bar:


Toolbar IconShortcut 


Create a new cost center or account depending on your selection in the Cost Center hierarchy tree


Deletes the selected account or bill

PropertiesOpens the Properties window for the selected account or bill
Favorite ReportsAccesses report favorites
HelpAccesses online help


Assign Rate or Assign Template


Lets you assign a rate or template to the selected account 


New Cost CenterOpens Create Cost Center window  under currently-selected node of the Account Manager Tree View.
New Account-MeterOpens the Account Wizard to create a new account.

New BillsEither icon opens the Create Bill window for the currently-selected account. May only be functional when a valid account (possessing an assigned meter and bill entry template) is selected.

MoveEither icon opens the Browse Cost Centers window. Click on the folders/subfolders to locate the new destination for the currently-selected account.
OptionsOpens the Account Options window to select display and Bill Entry options.
Find AccountOpens the Advanced Search window, which features advanced filter selection options for locating the desired account.
RefreshRefreshes the Account Manager Tree View lists and PowerView charts/graphs with the most current information in the database.
SearchOpens the Account Selection window, which locates and displays records with Account Code, Vendor, Cost Center, Account Display, Address, and Previous Account Code fields containing a match for the search string.
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