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  1. Select Analysis | Charts.

  2. Open or create a chart.

  3. From the Series menu, select New. The Select Data window appears.

  4. In the Data sources section, click . The Select Data window appears.

  5. Click to select the data source with interval data you want to include on the chart.

    • Click  to open folders and view their contents.

    • If you are unable to locate the appropriate device, click More. Follow the instructions for Finding Data Sources.

  6. In the Date range section, select a date range that the chart should encompass.

    • To set a predefined date range, select the appropriate time frame in the Range field.

    • To set a specific date range, in the Start and End date fields, type the date or use the drop-down arrow to select the date from a calendar.

  7. To aggregate the data on your chart, click More and select the Aggregate data option.

  8. After making your selections, click OK. The chart is displayed with the new series.

NOTE: If the date range selected does not contain any data, a message window appears. Click OK to close the message window then select another date range.

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