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The Charting workspace contains a number of shortcut tools you can use to manipulate the chart and its display.


Toolbar IconShortcutDescription
OpenOpens an existing chart file template
SaveSaves the currently displayed chart file to the directory and filename you specify
PrintPrints the current display to your default printer
CopyCopies the current display. You can paste the image to any application that supports pasting of objects from the clipboard
Chart PropertiesOpens the Chart Properties window to further customize the chart display
Favorite ReportsAccesses report favorites
HelpAccesses online help
2D/3D displayToggles the display between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional display
GridToggles the grid on and off
LegendToggles the legend on and off
Show DataDisplays the chart's numerical data
AggregateOpens the Aggregate window to select the series to add together
New Time Series Chart or New Scatter ChartCreate a new time series or scatter chart
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