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You can create your own weather data channels if you want to track data other than mean daily temperature.  Follow the example below to create a channel to track hourly dry bulb temperature in degrees F:

  1. Open the Weather Station Manager (Setup > Weather Stations).
  2. Select the weather station from weather station list in the center pane of the display.
  3. Right-click and select Properties. The Weather Station Properties window will open.
  4. Click Channels, then  to create a new channel.
  5. Set Type to Manual and Rule to Trip.
  6. Select the channel data type from the list of available weather variables.
  7. Select the observation interval and the total/average option desired.
  8. Click OK.

You will want to import channel data, rather than enter it manually, because there will be a lot of it. Follow the instructions in Importing Weather Data from Other Sources.


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