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Place types are used to classify places as a site, building, organization, floor, etc.

To create a Place type:

  1. Navigate to the Facilities Manager (Setup > Facilities).

  2. Click the Facility menu item and select the Editors > Place Types option.

    The Place Type Editor window will open.
  3. Click on the  Button to add a new Place Type. The Create Place Type window will open.

  4. Enter a unique, self-defined Code.  

    The Code Field is limited to 16 Characters.  You may use letters (caps only), numbers, underscores (_), slashes (/), ampersands (&), or dashes (-), but not special characters such as pound (#), or asterisk (*).

  5. Enter the Display that will appear throughout EnergyCAP. 

    The Display Field is limited to 32 Characters.

  6. If the Building Type represents a physical structure and not simply an organizational division, click the Physical Structure checkbox. This will ensure that square footage associated with the space will be included in area-related calculations and rollups.
    NOTE: To avoid double-counting of floor area, do NOT check the box if floor area for the space is already associated with a parent node of the Facilities tree.
  7. Click the OK button to save the new Place Type.
  8. Repeat previous steps to create additional Place Types.
  9. When you have finished creating Place Types, click the Close button to close the Place Type Editor window.
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