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A rate calculation analysis is useful to check current charges and to perform "What if?" calculations against the current usage values.

  1. Select Analysis | Advanced Scripts. The Advanced Scripts workspace appears.

  2. From the Analysis menu, select Generate | Rate Calculation. The Bill Rate Analysis window appears with the last-used account pre-selected.

  3. To choose another account or meter, click the 'search' icon (  ). The Select Data window appears.

    1. Select the data source whose interval data you want to include in the analysis.
    2. Click the 'plus' icon () to open folders and view their contents.
    3. If you are unable to locate the appropriate Source device, click More to reveal search options:
    4. Select the desired data subset from the Look In: drop-down options, and input the known text in the Text: box. If uncertain of the precise text, or if desirable to select from a series of similar IDs, use the asterisk (*) wildcard in place of a character string or word. Then click  to search the database for the string.
    5. Click OK when done 

  4. In the Bills to Analyze: section, select the desired bills from the list of historical bills available for that account/meter (The historical parameters for this list were determined by the Date Range already selected in the Select Data window).

    • Select a single bill or multiple bills.

    • Use the Ctrl-click and Shift-click keyboard/mouse functionality to select any combination of available bills.

  5. Click OK. The Select Data window closes.

  6. In the Rate field, select the desired rate to apply from the drop-down list.

    • Only rates associated with the selected account/meter will be displayed in the drop-down list..

  7. Select the Rate Calculation Method from the methods provided.

  8. Check the Enter Non-EnergyRate Details (Taxes, etc.) check box if you wish to enter these details during the analysis. Also, if you have run an analysis previously and would like to add the current analysis to it, select the Append to script check box (if available). (If Append to script is not available/selected, the results of the previous analysis are overwritten.)

  9. After making your selections, click OK.

    • The Output tab displays a report-like format of the requested data.

    • The Script tab displays the script (code) used to generate the analysis. See Overview: Advanced Scripting.

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