EnergyCAP recommends creating rates using the Rate Wizard (follow procedure below). It is easier than using the "Simple Rate" creation method.

  1. Select Accounting > Rates. The Rate Manager appears.

  2. Click to select the vendor under which to create the rate.

    NOTE: Click  to navigate the hierarchy of vendors.

  3. From the Rate menu (or from the right-click popup menu), select New Rate > Wizard. The Rate Wizard-General window appears. If it does not, make sure that a vendor is selected/highlighted from the vendor list.
  4. Input the requested information including:
    • Rate Name (Typically, the rate name listed on the actual bill is used. Rate names found on bills differ occasionally from the names found in tariff information)
      NOTE: Each rate name associated with a vendor MUST be unique (for example, cannot have a "GS1" rate for electric AND water)
    • Rate Type (options are Fuel Cost, Rate Rider or Tax)
    • Commodity
    • Effective Date  (The first day that the rate is effective) Effective dates are typically derived from tariff information. Enter the rate effective date or use the drop-down arrow to select the date from the popup calendar.
    • Any desired Note (any comments specific to this rate, up to 255 characters).
  1. After making your selections, click Next button to proceed to the Rate Wizard-Feature Selection page.

    NOTES: If desired, use the Back button to return to a previous Rate Wizard page. And/or use the Cancel button to exit the Rate Wizard without saving the rate. Wizard page/window content and number of windows may vary depending on selected rate options.

  1. Select the desired rate Features by clicking the checkboxes associated for each. For additional information on the Rate Wizard options, click on a link below:


  1. After selecting the desired rate Features, click Next to open the Rate Wizard-Minimum/Maximum window. If applicable click the Rate Minimum and/or Rate Maximum checkboxes and input the appropriate values from the rate schedule. For additional information on the Rate Wizard options, click on the link below:


  1. Click Next to open the Rate Wizard-Finished window.

  2. To save all changes, click Finish. Or click Cancel to exit the Rate Wizard without saving the rate.

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