New Rate or new Version?


Create a new RATE if:

  • The vendor has changed and an existing rate is not available for the new vendor OR
  • Multiple accounts use the same rate, and proposed rate changes will only affect a subset of those accounts.


Create a new rate VERSION if:

  • The existing vendor is making a rate change that affects all accounts using that rate, OR
  • It is important to retain the old rate for entering historical bill information.


EnergyCAP recommends using the Rate Wizard to assist with creating a new rate VERSION:


  1. Select the Accounting | Rates. The Rate Manager appears.

  2. Click  to navigate to the vendor under which the rate exists.

  3. Select the appropriate rate.

  4. Right-click and select New Version. The Rate Wizard-General window appears. Update the Effective date, and make other changes as necessary. When done, click Next or Finish.

  5. For additional information on the Rate Wizard options, click on a link below:

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