The Custom Spreadsheets module in EnergyCAP Enterprise (Analysis > Custom Spreadsheets) prepares user-configurable reports, presented in a spreadsheet format, with data that can be copied to Excel® quickly and easily. With EnergyCAP custom spreadsheets, user input determines the underlying report queries that extract desired data from the EnergyCAP database.

Filters for query data are also available, and the ‘filter set’ for each custom spreadsheet is customizable by the user. Custom Spreadsheet filters work exactly like the report filters in EnergyCAP Enterprise. The custom spreadsheet, when generated, provides links to related data modules of the EnergyCAP application depending on the type of spreadsheet template used.

Key considerations

There are two keys to using Custom Spreadsheets effectively:

  1. Selecting the correct spreadsheet design template for your end use. For help, see Selecting a Custom Spreadsheet Template.
  2. Refining your spreadsheet to include just the information you need. For help, see below.


! In order to design Custom Spreadsheets, the EnergyCAP user must have Reports permissions (see User Manager/User Properties/Permissions tab). It also is necessary to have Import/Export permission (see Permissions/Other Settings) if those options are to be used. !

A one-time setup task must be completed before using Custom Spreadsheets for the first time – importing the Custom Spreadsheets query templates. If the query templates have not yet been imported, the Custom Spreadsheets Manager will be entirely blank. The query templates are contained in an XML document residing in the EnergyCAP installation folder/directory. To import the templates:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Spreadsheet Manager (Analysis/Custom Spreadsheets), click File and select the Import option. The Open window will appear.


  1. For Files of Type, select the XML files … option.
  2. Select the ECAP_CustomSpreadsheets.xml file from the EnergyCAP Enterprise directory (the default installation directory location is C:\Program Files\EnergyCAP Enterprise). Then click Open. The custom spreadsheets templates will be imported, and the Custom Spreadsheets tree will appear in the Spreadsheet Manager:

NOTE: If templates or spreadsheet designs are not visible, click the “+” by the category or template folder(s) to reveal the individual templates/designs residing in that folder.

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