To identify your current EnergyCAP Enterprise Release and related information, log into EnergyCAP and click Help/About ... from the menu options. The About window will open, displaying the current release details.

  • The number to the left of the first decimal point is the Major Release number.
  • The number to the left of the second decimal point is the Minor Release number.
  • The number to the left of the third decimal point is the earliest compatible Database Version. Your database structure must be the indicated number or higher for optimal function of the software.
  • The number to the right of the third decimal is the associated application Build.
  • The bracketed number is your current database (DB) version.

EXAMPLE: Release [DB49]

  • 5 is the Major Release number
  • 0 is the Minor Release number
  • 49 is the Database version number
  • 135 is the Build number.

The above information should be provided to EnergyCAP technical staff when troubleshooting support issues.

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