It is possible to modify a rate without using the Rate Wizard.

'Simple' rate creation provides more options for user configuration; with that flexibility comes added user responsibility to ensure that all rate elements have been appropriately included in the rate configuration.

Follow the procedure below to modify a rate without using the Rate Wizard.

NOTE: If you modify a rate using the Rate Wizard, the rate remains a standard default rate. If you modify a rate using the Simple functionality, the rate will be designated a custom rate.

  1. Select the Accounting | Rates. The Rate Manager appears.

  2. Click  to navigate to the vendor under which the rate exists.

  3. Select the appropriate rate.

  4. Right-click and select Properties | Simple. The Rate Properties window appears.

  5. Select the General tab.

  6. If applicable, edit the rate name in the Name field. Typically, the rate name listed on the actual bill is used. Rate names found on bills differ occasionally from the names found in tariff information.

  7. If applicable, edit or enter any comments about the rate in the Note field (comments specific to this rate, up to 255 characters).

  8. Select the Specifics tab.

  9. Select the Interface from the drop-down list. Input and Output choices will vary depending upon the Interface selection.

    • Rate Properties

    • Bill Calculation

    • Meter Details

  10. Assign an input by clicking . The Create Input window appears.

  11. Modify an existing input by selecting the appropriate input then clicking . The Input Properties dialog appears.

  12. Assign an output by clicking . The Create Output window appears.

  13. Modify an output by selecting the appropriate output then clicking . The Output Properties dialog appears.

  14. Delete an input or output by selecting the appropriate item then clicking . The Confirm window appears.

    • Select Yes to delete the input or output.

    • Select No to cancel the operation.

  15. After making your selections, click OK. The rate is modified.

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