To modify a Custom Spreadsheet:

  1. Right-click the spreadsheet in the Custom Spreadsheet tree and select Modify Spreadsheet Design. Alternately, select the spreadsheet from the tree and click the Modify Design button.
  2. This will open the Modify Properties … window.

  1. Add or remove filters using the arrow buttons. These filters work exactly like the report filters. Filters limit the data set that is displayed in the spreadsheet. To filter data by billing period, add a Billing Period filter. Since Custom Spreadsheets display utility bills the most common filters are Billing Period, Commodity and Vendor. Note that a meter is referred to as a “logical device.”
  2. When done entering filters, select the desired output from the Available Output Columns list, using the arrow buttons.

NOTE: To move an output column in the column sequence, click the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

  1. When done click OK.
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