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  1. Select Accounting > Accounts. The Account Manager appears.

  2. From the Account menu, select Editors > Special Charges. The Special Charges Editor window will open.

    • Special charges are displayed by caption and unit. You can sort the lists by clicking a column heading. Sort the lists in reverse order by clicking the column heading once more.

  3. Select the appropriate special charge.

  4. Click the edit icon . The Special Charge Properties window will open.

  5. Modify any or all of the available fields by clicking in the field with the mouse and typing desired text.

  6. In the Caption field, enter the name of the special charge as it is intended to be viewed in the bill record and related reports.

  7. In the Help tag field, enter the "fly-over" (Tool Tip) hint for the bill entry screen. This information can help data entry staff select the correct special charge for the specific situation.

  8. In the G/L code field, choose the G/L code from the drop-down list.

    • If the appropriate G/L code does not exist, click . The Create G/L Code will open. Follow the instructions for Creating G/L Codes.

  9. Select the Commodity from the drop-down list.

  10. Select the Type from the drop-down list.

  11. Select the Unit from the drop-down list.

  12. After making your selections, click OK. The Special Charge Properties window closes.

  13. Exit the Special Charges Editor by clicking Close.

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