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The chart file is a template with the chart's specific attributes (e.g., displays certain data source information in a certain way). When you open the chart file, you can display the chart either as is or update the chart data using today's date as the end date.

  1. Select Analysis | Charts.

  2. From the File menu, select Open. The Open Chart window appears.

  3. If the chart template is located on the database:

    1. Select the Database radio button (default).

    2. Click  to navigate to the applicable folder.

    3. Select the appropriate chart template.

    4. Go to step 5.

  4. If the chart template is a file on a computer:

    1. Select the File radio button.

    1. In the Chart code field, type the chart template directory location and file name.

    2. To locate the appropriate directory location, click . The Open window appears.

      1. In the Look in field, select the directory location of the file.

      2. In the File List section, select the appropriate file.

      3. In the Files of type field, select Chart Template (*.cpt).

      4. Click Open. The Open window closes.

      5. Go to step 5.

  5. After making your selections, click OK. The Confirm window appears.

    • Select Yes to update the date range using today's date as the end date.

    • Select No to use the date range as saved originally.

EnergyCAP Enterprise displays the chart image with the attributes and data saved including the data series names, start dates, and end dates. You can change the chart views or make modifications to the chart.

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