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EnergyCAP provides a search/find/lookup option to assist users in browsing the Account tree and quickly locating a particular account.

This functionality is particularly useful for larger organizations and/or situations where the EnergyCAP user is not well-acquainted with the Account tree hierarchy.

There are two methods for searching the Account tree:

  1. Quick Search enables searching for Account Code, information or Address.
  2. The Find function enables more robust searching for Accounts, Cost Centers and Bills using search operators.

Account Quick Search (binoculars)

  1. From the Account Manager (Accounting> Accounts), click on the Binoculars icon to open the AccountSelection window.
  2. In the Account Selection window, begin to enter the Account Code in the field provided. As you type, the list box below will be automatically populated with a list of matches.
    Show Inactive
     checkbox will include inactive accounts in search. 
    Advanced Search
     checkbox will also include Vendor, Cost Center and Address.
    For larger organizations, additional SQL operators % and _ can be used as wildcards. Use [] to define a text string or set: [a-f], [abcdef]. use [^] to define a "not like" letter, text string or series (i.e., del[^ete].
  3. When the desired Account Code appears in the list of Matches, click on it to select it. Then click OK to locate the meter in the Account tree.
  4. The Account tree will expand to the point where the selected Account appears, and the account properties will be displayed.

Find function

A more robust Find function lets you search the Account Manager and Work Flow Manager for accounts, cost centers or bills, and then modify their properties. You must enter at least one filter to activate the Search button.

  1. Select Accounting>Accounts. The Account Manager appears.

  2. From the Edit menu, select Find.    Or click on the Advanced Search button   and The Search window appears.

  3. In the Search for drop-down list, select either AccountsCost Centers, or Bills.

  4. Select the search parameter from the drop-down list.

  5. Select the search operator from the drop-down list.

    • You may use wildcards when using the Like or Not Like search operators.
    • Wildcards "*" (asterisk) and "?" (question mark) behave in the following ways: 

      * - Returns any character(s) or none


      *st* - Stewart, stone, Easton, Host, Best, West - Returns any word containing "st" 
      st* - Stewart, stone - Returns any word beginning with "st" 
      *st - Host, Best, West - Returns any word ending with "st" 

      ? - Replaces one character 


      goo? - Good - Returns words beginning with "goo" and one character after 
      ?ood - Good, Hood, Mood - Returns words with one character before "ood"
  1. Click in the Value field then type the value to search.

  2. Click . The filter is added to the Filters list.

  3. Create additional filters by repeating the previous steps and then either:

    • Click  to search using the previous filter and this filter.
    • Click  to search using the previous filter or this filter.
  1. After creating your filters, click Search. The search results are displayed in the Results field.

    • "No data found" is displayed in the search results field if EnergyCAP Enterprise does not locate any matching data.
  1. Modify the properties for the Cost Center or Account by double-clicking on the appropriate item in the Results field. The Properties window appears. Follow the instructions for either:

    • Modifying a Cost Center
    • Modifying an Account

      NOTE: When Bills are selected for the search, clicking the desired bill from the Results field will open the bill in View mode. Closing the bill will return to the search Results. Bill search is limited to 100 entries.
  1. Automatically go to the cost center or account in the Account Manager by selecting the appropriate item in the Results field and clicking Locate. The Search window closes, and EnergyCAP Enterprise highlights the selected item in the Account Manager.

    NOTE: Clicking the Locate button for a selected Bill will search for the related Account.

  2. Exit the Search window by clicking Close.

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