To enter bills, first locate and select the account to which the biill is to be assigned.

To select a specific account for bill entry:

  1. Open the Account Manager (Accounting > Accounts) and click the Accounts icon.
  2. Bowse the account Tree View and click the desired account to highlight it.
    1. If the account location in the Tree View is not known, click the binoculars icon   from the menu bar to open the Account Selection window:

    2. In the Account Code field, type any or all of the account's unique, self-defined identifier. All potential matches are dynamically displayed in the Matches list. 
      NOTE: To include inactive accounts in the search, click the Show Inactive checkbox from the Account Selection window..
    3. Double-click the account ID from the displayed list  (or select it and click OK). The Account Tree View will automatically open to that account.

NOTE: For a more advanced account search, use the Find Account button  from the Account Manager title bar to open a Search window. With the advanced Search window, multiple search criteria can be selected:

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