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When modifying a bill template line from the Line Properties window, season definitions are limited to the Yearly option. Holiday group definitions and template lines may use either the Literal or Yearly option.

  1. On the Date tab, select the type of recurring day.

    • Literal Use this option to name an explicit day/month/year.

      1. Enter the date or use the drop-down arrow to select the date from a calendar.

      2. Click  to add.

    • Yearly Use this option if a begin date occurs on a yearly basis. Either:

      • Select the day of year if the day is based on a fixed day of the year. Example: June 1. An offset option may be selected, see step 2.

      • Select the day of year if the day is based on another formula. Example: The first Monday of June.

  2. On the Offset Options tab, select the appropriate offset from the drop-down list.

    • If you select Advance to WEEKDAY before date entered, select the appropriate weekday from the drop-down list.

  3. After making desired changes, click OK. to save and exit the Recurring Days window. Or click Cancel to exit without saving.

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