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EnergyCAP Bill Templates are applied to specific accounts/meters during the Account/Meter creation process. This topic will explain the template selection portion of Account/Meter creation, and provide examples of common template use.

Assigning a Bill Template during Account/Meter creation

  1. From the Account Manager, click Create New Account/Meter. Or click the New Account/Meter button. The Account Wizard -  Welcome window will open.
  2. Follow the screen prompts to move through the account/meter creation process. After the meter for the account is selected/created, the Account Wizard - Templates window will open. This is the interface where the template is selected and applied to the account/meter. 

  3. From the Account Wizard - Template window, click the Next button. Or click the yellow Template cell associated with the meter to enable and click the Browse button. This will open the Bill Templates ... window. 

  4. Click on a Template folder to see a preview of billing data associated with the template.
  5. When the desired template is highlighted, click the Select Template button. The selected template will be assigned to the meter. This concludes the template selection process.
  6. Complete the remaining prompts to finish the Account/Meter creation.


Changing Templates for an Account/Meter


  1. To change the Template for an existing Account/Meter, navigate to the Account Manager (Accounting/Accounts) and click to select the desired account. The PowerViews for the selected account will be displayed.
  2. From the General tab of the PowerView, click the Assign Bill Entry Templates link. 



    The Assign Templates and G/L Records window will open.
  3. Follow the window prompts to select the desired METER.  



  4. Click the 'plus' (  ) icon to add the new Template to the selected account METER. The Choose Start Date window will open.  



  5. Enter the effective start date for the new template. Then click OK. The Bill templates ... window will open.
  6. Click to highlight/select the desired template from the list of available template folders. The Bill Templates ... window will close and the template will be added to the list of templates for the selected account/meter. 

    NOTE: It is not recommended to remove templates from an account/meter with existing bills. This is because it may be necessary to make corrections to historical bills where the 'old' template may still apply. However, if a template needs to be removed, select the template and click the minus button to remove it. 

    The Confirm window will open. Click Yes to delete the template association. Or click No to cancel without deleting the template version.
  7. Click OK to save the changes and close the Assign Templates ... window. Or click Cancel to close the Assign Templates ... window without saving your changes.

Notes on Template Naming Conventions

EnergyCAP bill entry templates have been created over the years to meet the needs of our growing client base. The current bill entry template nomenclature is described below:

Format: [#1]_[#2]_[#3]_[#4]_[#5]_[#6]

Example: FD_KWH_A_Y_T1_01


  • #1 - Current template series ID.
  • #2 - Native unit of energy measurement
  • #3 - [A]dvanced or [S]tandard template (Advanced is more complex)
  • #4 - Demand tracked? (Y or N)
  • #5 - Time of Use Rate? (Elec only) T1 means 1 time period, T2 means 2, etc
  • #6 - Order of series creation for that commodity (01,02,)
  • ELECTRIC: If the second character of the template code is underscore AND the first character is "G" or "S", then it becomes a supplier template (red folder).
  • NATURAL GAS: If the second character of the template code is underscore AND the first character is "S","W", or "T", then it becomes a supplier template (red folder).
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