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The New Counter Wizard is used to quickly create a new Counter or counters.  A Counter measures the non-commodity use, or tracks a count of a measurable quantity, for the associated Place. The Wizard enables quick and convenient creation of new counters, but some setup options are not available. To more fully configure counter properties during setup, use the Create Counter option.

To launch the New Counter Wizard:

  1. Navigate to the Facilities Manager (Setup > Facilities).
  2. Click the New Counter button (in the top right corner of the Facility Manager screen).

    The New Counter Wizard will open. Click Next from the initial Wizard window to display the organization hierarchy.

  3. Select the existing Place that is to be associated with the new counter. Or create a new Place by clicking the "+" button and filling in the Place information on the tabs in the Create Place window. Then click Next.

  4. Select the new counter's Commodity from the drop-down box. If existing choices are inadequate, create a new counter type by clicking the  button and filling in the Commodity information on the tabs in the Create Commodity window.
  5. Press the Tab key to advance to the Code field, where EnergyCAP will provide a default value.  Either use this default value, or create a new one by entering it from the keyboard.  
    ! The Code field is limited to 16 Characters.  You may use letters (CAPS only), numbers, underscores (_), slashes (/), ampersands (&), or dashes (-), but not special characters such as pound (#), or asterisk (*), or spaces!
  6. Press the Tab key to advance to the Code field. Either use the default Display value, or create a new one.  
    ! The Display field is limited to 32 Characters!
  7. Set the Readings Interval, and indicate if multiple values should be totaled or averaged.
  8. If it is necessary to change the associated place, click the Change Place button. Otherwise, click Save to save the counter. The Facilities hierarchy will be displayed (see Step 2), enabling creation of additional counters.
  9. To create additional counters, repeat steps 3-8. When done creating and saving counters, click Close.
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