To view a Custom Spreadsheet you have previously designed:

  1. Select a spreadsheet node from the Custom Spreadsheet tree.


  1. Click the View Spreadsheet button.  The Set Filters window will open.



  1. Click the filter button to make changes to the filter parameters from the Select Filter … window.

NOTE: The meter is referred to here as a “logical device.”

  1. Click OK to close the Set Filters… window. The spreadsheet will display in the view panel. To perform an alphanumeric sort by any custom spreadsheet column heading, click on the desired column heading. Click the column heading again to reverse the sort.

Copying to Excel®

To copy custom spreadsheet rows to Excel or another application, select a range of rows and then choose copy from the right-click menu or click the Copy to Clipboard button.

Or use the right-click the spreadsheet and click the Copy All option to copy all custom spreadsheet information to the Windows® Clipboard.

Then paste the data into Excel (Ctrl-V keyboard combination or Edit/Paste from the Excel application).

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