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The Energy CAP Enterprise default rate script is written in Visual Basic programming language drawing on data selected or entered during rate creation or modification.

  1. Select Accounting | Rates. The Rate Manager appears.

  2. Click  to navigate to the vendor/commodity under which the rate exists.

  3. Select the appropriate rate VERSION.

  4. From the Rate menu, select View Script. Or right-click and select View Script from the popup menu. The Rate Script Editor window appears.

  5. You can:

    • Save a script by clicking the  icon and following the prompts from the Save As ... window.

    • Print a script by clicking the  icon. The script will be printed to the default printer.

    • Open a script by clicking the Open File  icon and following the prompts from the Open ... window.

    • Search the script text by clicking the Search  icon and inputting the search parameters in the Find window.

    • Edit a script

    • Run a script

    • Restore the script defaults

  6. Exit the Rate Script Editor window by clicking Cancel.

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