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The Message 

window allows you to add/remove pre-defined custom messages that can be inserted as a bill message during bill entry.


These pre-defined messages can be associated with a bill using the Bill Message icon from the Bill Entry window.

Using pre-defined messages can enhance efficient communication and quality control in the work flow process.

The primary purpose of these messages is to tag specific bills as problems. Adjusting the severity of the bill message can remove the bill from the normal work flow and direct it into the Problems workflow. For example, a message such as "needs supervisor attention" can be defined with an audit severity of Fail. This will ensure attention at a point in the work flow proces,since the bill will fail the audit and appear in the Problem folder in the Work Flow Manager.

Adding a new Bill Message to the pre-defined list:


Click the  button and choose the severity type (e.g. Low. Moderate, Pass, Fail, etc.).


Make a unique 2- digit key name.


Create the message associated with that key.


The Work Flow Wizard Message page displays the current predefined bill messages by:

  • Severity
  • Message key
  • Message text


Sort the lists by clicking a column heading. Reverse the sort by clicking the column heading once more.


It is possible to create, modify, or delete bill messages.

  1. Create a new bill message by clicking .  A new message line appears.

    1. Click in the Severity field to select the level from the drop-down list.

    2. In the Message Key field, enter the key. You are limited to two characters.

    3. In the Message Text field, enter the text to be displayed. You are limited to 255 characters.

  2. Modify a predefined bill message text by clicking in the appropriate message field and making the necessary text changes.

  3. Modify a predefined bill message severity level by clicking in the appropriate message field and selecting the new severity level from the drop-down list.

  4. Delete a bill message by clicking in the Severity field of the applicable message.  Then click .  The Confirm window appears.

    • Select Yes to delete the message.

    • Select No to cancel the operation.

  5. After making selections, click Next. The Work Flow Wizard Export page appears.

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