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User-Defined Fields can be used effectively in EnergyCAP to expand the software's ability to do energy benchmarking based on various place attributes, such as occupancy hours or production units. UDFs can also be used to link to external web-based documents.

NOTE: User Defined Fields can only be managed in ECE until 6.3 SP2.  In software releases 6.3 SP3 and following, the UDF tab is no longer available in ECE as all UDF functionality has moved over to EnergyCAP Online.

To create a UDF, follow the procedure below:


Now that the UDF has been created, let's see how to use the newly-created UDF to link to an any web-based external document, such as a utility contract:

  1. Open EnergyCAP and navigate to the desired account/vendor/meter/place. The UDF label and any specific value associated with that account/vendor/meter/place will appear in the General tab PowerView.

  2. To insert a specific text/link for the selected account/vendor/meter/place:
    1. Open the Properties window (File > Properties).
    2. Click on the User Fields tab, and input the desired Value  in the cell provided using the appropriate language/tagging:
      <a href="http://www.YourWebLinkAddress">Link Text</a>

    3. Click OK to close the Properties window. The UDF value should display under the User Defined Fields list in the General tab PowerView. 

      ! Don't forget the appropriate HTML TAGS when inputting a link!  Then the UDF value will show in blue on the General Tab so you can click on it like a hyperlink. You may need to refresh your screen before the EnergyCAP PowerView will display newly-input data!