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  1. Continue building the rate. The demand charge and energy charge will have TOU definition portions.



Select a billed demand calculation method option.

    • Each period individually This option tells the rate to calculate each TOU period's (On-Peak, Off-Peak, etc.) own cost and add it to the total demand cost. The recorded On-Peak period demand is multiplied by the cost per unit of On-Peak demand, and the recorded Off-Peak period demand is multiplied by the cost per unit of Off-Peak demand.

    • Period of maximum demand This option tells the rate that demand is not TOU dependant. In this case, the cost per unit of both On-Peak and Off-Peak demand should be set to the same value. The single highest peak demand reading, regardless of which period it occurred in, is used to calculate the demand cost.

    • Selected period This option allows you to tell the rate that only one peak period is to be evaluated. Select the appropriate peak period in the Period drop-down list. Only the period you choose is used to calculate demand costs.

  • Energy Charge