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There are two or more templates in each category. With the exception of the Account and Meter Lists section, each template name is in two sections. The portion of the template description BEFORE the hyphen indicates the type of information available using the template, and the portion AFTER the hyphen refers to the spreadsheet LINK to the EnergyCAP data. For example, the “Line Items (By Caption) – View Bill” template will pull billing data for the selected captions into the custom spreadsheet. After the spreadsheet has been generated, it is possible to open a View Bill window by double-clicking on any cell containing that bill’s data. That is, each cell of the custom spreadsheet functions as a LINK to the bill or account or meter associated with that data. Spreadsheet data can be sorted alphanumerically by column by clicking the custom spreadsheet column header(s). This linking and sorting functionality makes the custom spreadsheet option very valuable for quickly accessing and studying data.

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Available Templates (abridged listing)