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EnergyCAP recommends creating rates using the Rate Wizard (follow procedure below). It is easier than using the "Simple Rate" creation method.

  1. Select Accounting > Rates. The Rate Manager appears.

  2. Click to select the vendor under which to create the rate.

    NOTE: Click rate_lst.gifImage RemovedImage Added to navigate the hierarchy of vendors.

  3. From the Rate menu (or from the right-click popup menu), select New Rate > Wizard. The Rate Wizard-General window appears. If it does not, make sure that a vendor is selected/highlighted from the vendor list.
  4. Input the requested information including:


  1. Select the desired rate Features by clicking the checkboxes associated for each. For additional information on the Rate Wizard options, click on a link below:


  1. After selecting the desired rate Features, click Next to open the Rate Wizard-Minimum/Maximum window. If applicable click the Rate Minimum and/or Rate Maximum checkboxes and input the appropriate values from the rate schedule. For additional information on the Rate Wizard options, click on the link below:


  1. Click Next to open the Rate Wizard-Finished window.

  2. To save all changes, click Finish. Or click Cancel to exit the Rate Wizard without saving the rate.