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For default Types, it is only possible to edit the Display name. For user-created Types, any of the fields can be edited.




Editing or deleting unit system data can cause unexpected behavior in other areas. Because in some database tables, EnergyCAP stores billing data based on unit conversions in place at the time of bill entry, modifications to the unit system may require running the cleanbill* process for historical bills.


  1. From the Tools menu in any module or view, select Unit System. The Unit System Editor window appears.

  2. Select the Types tab to manage observation types.

  • Add a type by clicking plus.gifImage RemovedImage Added. The Create Type window appears.


  • Modify a type by selecting the appropriate type then clicking properties.gifImage RemovedImage Added. The Type Properties window appears. Note that default Type codes and other properties cannot be modified. Only the Display for a default Type can be changed. User-created Types are fully editable.


  • Delete a type by selecting the appropriate type then clicking minus.gifImage RemovedImage Added. Note that default Types cannot be deleted. Only user-created Types can be deleted. The Confirm window appears.
    • Click Yes to delete the type.

    • Click No to cancel the operation.