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  1. Open EnergyCAP and navigate to the desired account/vendor/meter/place. The UDF label and any specific value associated with that account/vendor/meter/place will appear in the General tab PowerView.

  2. To insert a specific text/link for the selected account/vendor/meter/place:
    1. Open the Properties window (File > Properties).
    2. Click on the User Fields tab, and input the desired Value  in the cell provided using the appropriate language/tagging:
      <a href="http://www.YourWebLinkAddress">Link Text</a>

    3. Click OK to close the Properties window. The UDF value should display under the User Defined Fields list in the General tab PowerView. 

      ! Don't forget the appropriate HTML TAGS when inputting a linkweb link!  Then the UDF value will show in blue on the General Tab so you can click on it like a hyperlink. You may need to refresh your screen before the EnergyCAP PowerView will display newly-input data!