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G/L Codes are accounting codes used to specify how charges are posted to an organization's General Ledger.  G/L Codes and Subcodes can be created in EnergyCAP to coordinate data associated with the Codes with your organization's accounting system. A G/L Code can be assigned to an account, a meter, or a bill line item. G/L Codes are only necessary if the organization is exporting billing data from EnergyCAP to an accounting system.

Most organizations define G/L Codes in one of two ways:

  • A separate G/L Code is defined for each account/meter OR
  • The same G/L Code is used for a group of accounts (Example: All accounts for a particular commodity).

When creating G/L Codes:
If text is entered in the Code field, the G/L Code is set to that text.

If text is entered in any of the Subcode fields WITHOUT entering any text into the Code field, the G/L Code is automatically set  as a concatenation all Subcode fields without any separating characters between them.
If the Code field is left blank, and values for SubCode1SubCode2 and SubCode3 are G2, S14, and E12 respectively, the G/L Code will be displayed as G2S14E12.

To create G/L codes:

  1. Select Accounting | Accounts. The Account Manager will be displayed.
  2. From the Account menu, select Editors | G/L Codes. The G/L Code Editor window will open.

    NOTE: In the G/L Code Editor list box, G/L Codes are identified/displayed by Code and/or Display names. These lists can be sorted by clicking the Code or Display column heading. Sort the lists in reverse order by clicking the column heading again.
  3. To add a new G/L Code from the G/L Code Editor window, click the "+" icon (  ) . The Create G/L Code window will open.
  4. If desired, enter the G/L Code in the Code field.
  5. In the Display field, enter the Display name for the Code.
  6. If applicable, enter the text for any appropriate G/L Subcodes in the Subcode fields.
  7. When done, click OK to save your changes and exit the Create G/L Code window. Or click Cancel to close the window without saving your changes.
  8. Exit the G/L Code Editor by clicking Close.
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